Bamboo Edition Stashbox With Accessories


  • The best in holding smoke products.
  • Designed specifically for holding and preserving your investment in smoke products.
  • Our Storage containers have air tight seals guaranteed to keeping your flower fresh.
  • Odor proof containers.
  • Comes with rolling tray, storage jars, grinder and sweeper.
  • Multiple stash jars that allows you to store different strains or products.
If you want a high end Stash box this is it. Vanya’s Gadgitz has a simple design. A beautiful natural bamboo stash box that comes with amazing  accessories. The craftmanship on this box is incredible. When you open the lid you are greeted with a rolling tray, underneath this rolling tray are stash jars, a grinder and  sweeper. All designed to protect, and preserve your investment. Overall an incredible value thats guaranteed to start a conversation when presented in front of your guest.

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